✱✱✱Why Can’t We Buy Abortion Pills in Vending Machine? 2017✱✱✱
Planning, Poster, leaflet, Sticker, Performance
Seoul 2017

In Korea, the only way to stop pregnancy is abortion surgery, which is illegal in current law. So it must be done in secret, and even if you pay large amounts of money, you are not guaranteed safety. I thought this was the only way to stop pregnancy in this world, and many other Korean women may have as well. The campaign to legalize abortion was actively started from the 90's, and it slowed in the early 2000's when the feminism movement also slowed, but it's been actively renewed by the new Feminist group like FemiDangdang which was created after 2015. For example, Femidangdang organized a "Black Protest" in partnership with Polish and Irish women and new Korean feminist groups.

After the impeachment, the progressive regime began, and expectations for the legalization of the abortion increased. So at time, Femidangdang organized the campaign to introduce abortion pills to Korean women and also show how repressive the reality of Korea was. I participated in event planning and I designed posters, leaflets and stickers.

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Photography by FemiDangdang

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