✱✱✱Thanks for Being Here, Eungam 2016✱✱✱

Planning, Poster, Banner, Postcard, Pin badge, Book
Team Project (with Choenseok Oh, Shannon Choi)

Seoul 2016

Team Project (with Choenseok Oh, Shannon Choi)

At the time, the biggest issue in Seoul was gentrification. The rise of social media brings the benefit of notifying more people of good stores hidden in every corner of the neighborhood, like treasure hunting, but the results that they bring are not always positive. I thought there would be a simple way to break this huge vicious cycle of gentrification. Play in our own neighborhood. Discover a hidden space in your neighborhood and support them by eating/drinking there.

We planned a project to help the residents of Eungam-dong give the spaces in their neighborhood that offer a great cultural experience a message of gratitude.  The project was held for a month in February, 2016. We put postcards in stores. So that customers could write a message that they want to convey to the store or the owner, and guests put the postcard in a box. We gathered postcards and shared them with more people by publishing them later.

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