✱✱✱FLAWLESS 2017✱✱✱

Graduation project
Seoul 2017

“During and after Imperialism and the Second World War, international order was reassembled according to the male gaze, specifically that of the white, first world male. Such a social construct may seem unfamiliar to us, as South Korea has always been a 'legendarily homogenous' country, but as soon as we cross our country’s borders we are exposed to it many times a day, even though we may try to ignore it. Those of 'color,' thus not of the leading white societies, are subject to racial generalization and degradation. When you are an Asian and a woman, the situation worsens. Asian women are easily fetishized and often expected to be submissive and passive. Objectification, idolization and standardization that stems from a misunderstanding of diverse beauty ideals follow us.

Flawlessness without fault is a virtue that is particularly pressured upon Asian women. Natural phenomena and changes of the body must be hidden in a subtle way. Body hair must be eliminated without a trace; wrinkles and freckles must be disguised while thick makeup is forbidden. Anime-like 'flawlessness' must not be imposed upon living bodies and souls. We are flawless, just the way we are.

We are easily objectified as either lovers obedient as sheep, empresses fulfilling sexual fantasies, or females envious of 'White beauty.' At the same time we are expected to keep up a perfect appearance. We must object to this reality by internalizing our identities while fighting against such western, white-exclusive, discriminating standards. We must build our own beauty standards, one that we establish ourselves, for ourselves. This aesthetic will be the armament that connects us into a whole new power.

Flawless is a story about us."

I wrote a post explaining the purpose of the project on Facebook and asked for help.
I received 55 pictures from 23 people.

Graffiti spray stencils
"Not Your Pussy", "Not Your Baby", "That's not a compliement", "You can't judge us"
on the photos.

A total of 80 people visited the exhibition.
The pin badge, which was made 100 for exhibitions, was sold for about 90 during the exhibition.

Mark Final Exhibition